• What is your 100% Money Back Guarantee?
    • It’s pretty self explanatory – If you don’t absolutely enjoy your time with us and if your skin doesn’t appear rejuvenated at the end of your facial treatment; we will gladly offer a full refund.
  • How Do I Book An Appointment?
    • There are several ways to book an appointment with us! Text or Call (719)-484-9426 or book online by clicking here.
  • What sets your business apart from other Facial Treatment companies?
    • We’re glad you asked! Most facial treatment companies focus mainly on the opportunity to make money regardless of whether or not your skin treatment and care goals are achieved – Here at Astonishing Complexions we firmly believe that you have a right to beautiful and vibrant skin; here are a few complimentary services that we offer:
      • Skin Mapping/Evaluation
      • Consultation With a Skin Therapist
      • Customized-To-You Treatment Plan
      • Product samples/Recommendations
  • Do you offer additional services other than facial treatments?
    • That’s a great question! Currently, we are focusing entirely on our facial skin care and treatment business plan; but we do hope to expand our selection of services in the near future. We do; however, offer recommendations and referrals to trusted services in the nearby area.

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