It can take a lot of time and effort to keep yourself looking your best.  While necessary, all the lotions, potions, serums and makeup get expensive.  Here are some inexpensive, simple beauty tips to help you stay gorgeous.

  • Make a mixture of brown sugar and just a bit of honey and rub gently over lips. This will help loosen and remove dead skin that makes your lips look dry.  Rinse by wiping clean with a wash cloth, then follow up with a good moisturizing lip balm.
  • If you haven’t had the time to get your roots touched up and they’re starting to show, use your comb to part your hair in a zig zag line. This helps to conceal roots until you can get to the salon.
  • If your hair problem is flyaways, use a static reducing dryer sheet to rub over hair. This will tame those wayward locks and keep your hair looking neat.
  • To help keep lipstick in place, first line your lips with a coordinating lip liner, then fill in with the lip liner. Apply your lipstick on top and blot once or twice.  This will keep the lipstick on longer than just applying it by itself.
  • Massage coconut oil into only the lower half of your hair once per week. Let it set for a couple hours, then rinse.  Your hair will look and feel soft and silky.
  • Leave shaving your legs until after your shower. The water will soften the hairs, helping you to get a closer shave that will keep them fuzz free longer.
  • Use a body scrub once per week to exfoliate yourself from head to toes. Moisturizers and other products have a harder time penetrating deep down when there is a layer of dead skin.
  • Keep the scent of your perfume lingering longer by rubbing a bit of Vaseline in the places you plan to spray it before you apply. The extra moisture will help the scent hang on all day.
  • Apply lotion to your face and body right after showering, while skin is still damp. This will help lock in moisture.
  • To get an even application and keep your makeup looking great for hours, use a makeup primer before you apply.
  • Never pop or squeeze a pimple. Doing so may cause a small wound and leave behind a scar.
  • Put a bit of light colored, shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes. This helps make them look brighter.

These simple tricks take only moments, but make your skin and hair look much nicer and better groomed.  Trying out a few, or all of them, is easy, but they make a big impact.

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